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The MB-78 EI DPA is used to perform automatic fire partitions with sliding doors and one double-leaf fire resistance class EI15 and EI30. It is based on the popular and used in various embodiments the MB-78EI, from which the majority of the components - is based on a three-chamber aluminum construction with a depth of 78 mm with a thermal with a width of 34 mm. The inner profile of the chamber and in the insulating space between the profiles, the elements of fire insulation and the outer surfaces are mounted additional insulating elements and swellable tape. In this system, there is the possibility of using mullions naszybowych. Technology of construction is similar to the base system, as well as in the MB-78EI flame retardancy door and wall with door is maintained in both situations the impact of fire on the outside and the inside.

The construction MB-78 EI DPA drives can be used from renowned manufacturers, designed to carry heavy loads, respectively. The drive of the sliding door can be mounted to a wall system and to the wall.

The maximum dimensions of the structure in the light of the transition are:

the height of the door 1-leaf and 2-leaf: to 2450 mm.
the width of the door 1-leaf: 1100 mm.
width 2-leaf doors: 2125 mm.

The MB-78EI DPA participates in the Technical Approval No. AT-15-6006 / 2012

Available colors:

  • buildings balconies
  • terraces
  • verandas
  • winter gardens
  • patio
  • (commercial facilities: restaurants, car dealerships - larger spaces)